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I have a great deal to be thankful for. Whizzy is one of those things or persons as the case may be. He is not a thing.

He always thinks of me first now, instead of thinking of himself. This is quite strange, taking into consideration how he once acted toward me. He’s there for me and thinks about me a great deal now.

He saved me from that wedding yesterday. I didn’t really want to go, I just felt obligated to go. I care for both Ron and Hermione and their friends and family members, it’s just that, well, that, I didn’t feel completely comfortable being there, or at the reception. So when Whizzy suggested he and I leave early for our trip to Amsterdam I jumped at the chance. Oh, I’m sure that one of the Weasleys or one of their friends may be very upset about my absence at the nuptials. Oh bother. I can’t worry about that. I made the best choice for me at the time and if others choose not to understand, well that’s their problem, not mine. If they cared a lick they would be concerned and at least try to understand.

Truth is I just didn’t have the strength to see Charlie with Aveline, so sue me.

But when Whizzy took my hand and lead me from that church…if felt so fantastic. And throughout the day it just kept getting better.

“Close your eyes, Dorrie. You must promise you will not look or it will completely ruin the surprise I have planned for you,” Whizzy whispers in my ear from behind as we stand on a street alongside the Amstel River. With my eyes squeezed shut, my attention is drawn to the voices speaking Dutch on the street behind us. Whizzy holds my arm and leads me across a very short wooden bridge before he stops. “Open your eyes now,” his deep voice breaks through the strange conversations.

And I open my eyes.

“Oh my goodness,” I laugh, “This is brilliant! Are we actually going to be staying the week here?”

A canal boat.

We are staying on a canal boat moored on the Amstel River in the heart of Amsterdam. He really does think of everything…

“The boat can sail the canals if you like,” Whizzy whispers in my ear. “Or if you do not feel well enough to brave sailing, we can stay anchored at the dock. I would not want to aggravate your morning sickness. Dorrie, Dorrie darling, are you alright?”

I am quite speechless with surprise as I laugh and pull Whizzy the remainder of the way across the bridge to the boat. “Oh dear Merlin, this is brilliant, simply brilliant. We have the whole ship all to ourselves?”

“Yes,” he pulls me into his arms, “Yes, we do.”

I feel like a silly girl as I look over the railing of the top deck of the boat. It overlooks the sunroom that sits in the center of the living space on the boat.

“The roof of the sunroom, it retracts, so we can enjoy the fair weather during the day…or night,” Whizzy nips at the back of my neck, kissing me until I shudder in expectation. “Come downstairs to the bedroom and rest,” he beckons.

“I know what kind of rest you’re talking about,” I gaze into Whizzy’s eyes and shake my finger at him. “Just lead the way, then.” And he does. We walk slowly through the galley of the boat, passing the sunroom and lounge on our way to the bedroom.

“You should lie down and rest,” Whizzy rubs my shoulders as we stand by the bedroom window and gaze out across the water. “Then later tonight, you and I can dine at the little café at the end of the dock. I have been assured it is a lovely establishment.” It feels good to have his arms around me as they slip to my waist and rest on my stomach. “How is our little one doing in there?” he asks.

“Fine, always fine, luv,” I reply as I turn in his arms to face him. “Always fine when we’re with you.”
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