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I'm Just a Girl in the World...

Tonks, Just Tonks
12 June

Part I:

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Part II:

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Part III:


OK…so here’s a quick bio to catch everyone up on what I have been doing since the summer of 1997…wow, so long ago…but then, well, I guess I should go back a little further than 97…I should go all the way back to Hogwarts. I was in a relationship with Charlie Weasley from our 5th year until the end of school. He and I had the perfect romance. I thought we were going to be together forever. But not all Hogwarts’ romances last forever.

And then there was Remus…my life with Remus Lupin…I was simultaneously inspired and devastated. First I lost Charlie and then I lost Remus.

Then I realized I was blessed with a guardian angel…Whizzy Worthington, an old friend from Hogwarts, and subsequently, one of Charlie’s best mates from our school days. Whizzy was the owner of the Cleansweep Broom Company at the time, after Remus and I ended our relationship. Whizzy and I were married in July of 2000.

From that point here’s the rest of the story:

May 2001: Whizzy is away on business. I am very lonely living at Ollerton, his family estate, with his mother and sister. I am very depressed. Fred and George Weasley come by for an unexpected visit. I finally have enough and leave Ollerton to stay with my parents while my husband is out of town. Andromeda and I have a serious discussion about my marriage.

June 2001: Whizzy Firecalls me from business in America. While at my parents’ I do a lot of thinking about my relationships with Charlie, Remus, and Whizzy. I reminisce about my relationship with Charlie when we were at Hogwarts’, and how that relationship ended. I think about how Whizzy and I got together and decided to marry…and how all that affected my career as an Auror. Whizzy and I officially separate and I turn to my good friends, Fred and George, for moral support and a place to lay my head for a few days. I find out that Charlie is back in town. I start getting my life back together. I get my job as an Auror back but find out that I am to be under the thumb of another old school chum and fellow Ravenclaw, Auror Aveline Rousseau, who seems to have it out for me. Because of her I’m bumped down to rookie status for a probationary period. She even forces me to retake a course at the Auror Academy and puts me on graveyard patrol. In the end, I’m still mixed up about Charlie and Whizzy.

July 2001: Whizzy escorts me to the funeral of a fellow Auror, where I introduce him to my boss, Aveline. I have dinner with Whizzy and we discuss divorce arrangements and other things. Then I am mysteriously transferred into the office and chained to a desk. WTF! I think about Charlie and Remus a lot. Whoopee, Aveline goes on vacation! Fred and George buy Zonko’s and a bunch of us celebrate and get into trouble. Charlie and Bill are arrested for drunk and disorderly that night. Ha, ha! Ugh…I have to deal with Aveline’s sour puss. I am offered a temporary field assignment in Scotland, which I jump on, to get out of the office. I move into the flat above Zonko’s in Hogsmeade. Charlie move’s into the flat above Madame Puddifoot’s up the block. Much sexual tension between me and Charlie…

August 2001: It turns out that my field assignment is at the Highland Dragon Reserve in Scotland and my new partner is none other than Charlie Weasley. It seems there are a few unexplainable dragon deaths at the reserve and Charlie and I are going to solve the mystery. I am very affected when the first dragon I see in my life is the body of a female drained of its blood. Charlie takes me to my flat and comforts me. I get to meet his magical dragon tattoos. Fred and George hold Zonko’s grand reopening. Charlie and I are spending more and more time together with work. We are becoming good friends again. A big wig business woman, Babette Delacour (who subsequently is Fleur’s estranged mother), holds a huge gala at her mansion. All the charmers and conjurers of the Wizarding world are present. Charlie agrees to escort me to the ball and we have a brilliant time. When the night comes to an end he kisses me. We kiss a great deal for the rest of the month. The two of us train and work together at the Highland Reserve. Harry and Ron go missing on an Auror mission and Charlie and I are secretly enlisted to investigate the disappearance. I am reinstated to the position of Senior Auror in order to solve the mystery of Harry and Ron’s disappearance. The animosity between me and Auror Rousseau grows by leaps and bounds. Moody enlists me to organize a team to work on finding Harry and Ron. Charlie and I are falling in love again but we cannot consummate our relationship; I just couldn’t do that while I’m still married to Whizzy. I respect Whizzy too much. But that doesn’t mean Charlie and I don’t find creative ways to explore one another. Cho investigates illegal Portkeys used in the kidnapping. There is a mole in the Auror Department. Whizzy finances our investigation.

September 2001: Charlie and I are in love again and I try to comfort him as best I can in light of his little brother’s kidnapping. Molly is happy but reticent upon hearing of my reunion with her son. Aveline has me suspended for improper procedure and I suspect her motives. Charlie goes on a solo subterfuge mission to France and I fear for his safety. My team travels to Haiti and France to rescue Harry and Ron from the Malfoys and Blacks. My divorce is finalized and Charlie and I are finally able to be together, to consummate the reunion of our love. Well, we end up doing it a lot this month, every chance we get, actually. Oh dear Merlin, Charlie and I are so good together. I love him so much.

October 2001: Charlie and I attend Neville Longbottom and Susan Bone’s engagement party at Longbottom Mansion. Things are brilliant between us, except for the fact that Charlie knows nothing of my relationship with Remus Lupin during the Second Wizarding War. I’m afraid to tell Charlie, afraid he’ll leave me for keeping such a secret from him for so long. I find out that Whizzy, my ex-husband, is seeing Aveline Rousseau, my bitch of a boss. I try to accept it but I just don’t trust her motives. Charlie and I have lunch with the two of them but it ends in a disastrous fight. Whizzy hits Charlie and Aveline and I end up hurling insults at each other at the top of our lungs. Charlie and I have our first fight since reuniting when we suspect that Whizzy and Aveline may elope. I am invited to be a guest speaker for Remus Lupin’s Defense Against the Dark Arts class at Hogwarts. Afterwards I have an uncomfortable encounter in Remus’ quarters when he kisses me and tells me he wants another chance with me. I tell Charlie what happened and confess all about my relationship with Remus. The honeymoon period of my relationship with Charlie is over. I hope it can survive all this.

November 2001: Charlie surprises me with a weekend in Lewes for the Bonfire Night weekend. We have a magical time together. We are so in love. It looks like we just might have what it takes to stand the test of time…

December 2001: Charlie is promoted and chosen to form a group that will be responsible for training select Aurors the spells and skills known by Dragon Hunters. The team and its trainees will be known as Blue Caps and they will be taught how to function as Aurors in non-urban, undomesticated settings. He rekindles his friendship with Aveline Rousseau, much to my chagrin, but he and I still get along very, very well. I give him an English Mastiff puppy for his birthday. She is named Little Bit. Whizzy and I maintain our friendship and concern for one another even though he and Aveline did elope back in October. Charlie and I spend our first Christmas together but on Christmas day he is transferred back to Romania. He leaves the day after Christmas and Little Bit and I are absolutely miserable. Charlie has a harrowing experience in Romania where he is accused of rape and exonerated before he is transferred back to England. We are able to ring in the new year together.

January 2001: Charlie and I spend the beginning of the year in bliss before our world is shattered when Aveline divorces Whizzy by surprise and seizes his company and family assets, thus leaving him devastated. She serves him in public and I smack that bitch in the mouth. Whizzy turns to me for help and support and that puts a strain on my relationship with Charlie because even though they were best mates back at Hogwarts, they very nearly hate each other now. I can’t stand the fact that Charlie is friends with Aveline and Charlie can’t tolerate my friendship with Whizzy. Charlie and I start fighting, a lot, with me always taking Whizzy’s side and Charlie always taking Aveline’s. It hurts so much when we fight. I can’t believe things are falling apart around me. But being with Charlie and loving him the way I do give me the hope that we will prevail. We are incredible together. I finally blow up when I see Charlie comforting Aveline at work one weekend. I go to Whizzy for comfort and advice, but he kisses me and in my confusion and pain I return Whizzy’s kiss. Charlie explodes when I tell him what happened and the fight that ensues sees to the end of our relationship when he walks out. And of course, I turn to Whizzy and we end up making love. I care so much for Whizzy but I can’t believe that this is really the end for me and Charlie. I’m so scared and confused.

February 2001: I move in with Whizzy into his apartment. He helps me so much. I grow to care for him very much. He’s my best friend. He actually breaks down and tells me his deepest secrets and fears. We talk about our failures with Charlie and Aveline and how the two of them have become romantically involved. I don’t want to replace Charlie, but Whizzy is just so easy to love. It feels good to be with him. Whizzy starts working for Fred and George to expand their business to the international level. He’s a brilliant businessman.

March 2001: I begin having trouble with my Metamorphmagus abilities and my health starts to suffer. It was like this before, a few years ago, when Remus and I ended, my depression, that is. Even though Whizzy is a blessing and he cares for me all the time I don’t seem to be getting any better. The bond Whizzy and I share grows by leaps and bounds. When I see the Healer I find out that I am not sick or suffering from depression, but pregnant…PREGNANT!!! Even though we are shocked at first, Whizzy and I ease into the situation. Maybe this just might work… I finally gather the courage to break the news to Charlie and he tells me the worst news: Aveline is carrying his child just as I am carrying Whizzy’s. Strange, not so long ago I thought that it would be Charlie I would have a baby with.

April 2001: Well, Whizzy and I build up the courage to tell Olive, his mother, about my pregnancy. She is a lot happier about it than I thought she would be. Whizzy and I buy a grand house with a garden in preparation for becoming a family. I travel to Amsterdam with Whizzy because he is retaining a site there for another Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes. We spend the rest of the time vacationing on a canal boat on the Amstel River. We have a wonderful time together, growing closer and planning for the future. Charlie agrees to let Little Bit stay with Whizzy and I for a time. I have missed my baby girl so much. I just love that gigantic puppy.